Starters & Pies

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Cream Of Mushroom Soup

Comes with a slice of garlic bread.

Gourmet Pies

Chicken & Mushroom
Steak & Mushroom

Loaded Cheesy Fries

Dave’s Famous Roast Chicken

Menu Choices

Dave’s Original ¼ Roast Chicken

Marinated in our secret recipe of 8 different herbs & spices for 24 hours then slow roasted to perfection. Served with mash, coleslaw, roasted vegetables & topped with our ‘magic’ gravy.

Hearty Main Meals

Menu Choices

Beef Rissole

Dave’s signature grilled minced beef patty topped with black pepper mushroom sauce. Served with mash, coleslaw & roasted vegetables.

Dave’s Beef Lasagna

Creamy, cheesy & bursting with flavour. Our famous homemade beef lasagna is a definite must try. Served with coleslaw, roasted vegetables & gravy.

Footlong Chicken Sausage

Served with mash, coleslaw, roasted vegetables & gravy.

Crispy Chicken Chop

Lightly fried chicken thigh topped with our signature tomato-onion gravy. Served seasoned chips & coleslaw

Chicken Parmigiana

Breaded chicken breast fillet pan fried then topped with chicken toast, rich tomato sauce & melted cheese. Served with coleslaw, roasted vegetables, seasoned fries and gravy.

Grilled NZ Lamb Chops

Grilled New Zealand lamb shoulder chops. Served with mash, coleslaw, roasted vegetables & gravy.

Fish & Chips

Lightly fried fish of the day served with seasoned chips, lemon & tartar sauce.

Grilled Fish

Pan seared fish of the day topped with butter cream sauce. Served with mash, coleslaw & roasted vegetables.

Tomato Italian Chicken

Baked chicken parmigiana with homemade tomato sauce

Tomato Beef Bolognese

Homemade tomato sauce with minced beef, mushrooms, carrots, & onions.

Cream Carbonara

-Creamy carbonara sauce with streaky beef & mushrooms

-Creamy carbonara sauce with roast chicken & mushroom

Olio Mussels & Chili

Chilean mussels, tomato, chili and garlic tossed in cold pressed olive oil


Menu Choices

Bread & Banana Pudding

Served with custard sauce & vanilla ice cream.

*Available at selected outlets

Chocolate Brownie Royale

Delicious homemade fudgy chocolate brownie served with vanilla ice cream & chocolate sauce

Apple Pie

Baked fresh daily to golden perfection. Served with custard sauce & vanilla ice cream.